Cross-Country Skiing in Saskatoon

When you really want to ski but you live in a city where the nearest mountain is hours away, what do you do? You ski anyway.

Sure, you’ve heard the prairies are just this boring piece of flat earth with nothing to do. But that’s wrong! Cross-country skiing’s a big thing in Saskatoon. Our meticulously groomed civic trails will keep you gliding for days.

Both the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club and CanoeSki help newbies with lessons so you can start your adventure with the same confidence as a local. You don’t have to leave the city for the flatlands to enjoy the sport, either. 

The City of Saskatoon and the Nordic Ski Club maintain trails scattered throughout the city - Find updates on the status of groomed ski trails. These scenic ski trails carry you through river banks and winding urban vistas. Holiday Park and Wildwood golf courses are excellent choices for beginners, and you’re in no danger of getting hit in the head by golf balls. Try the short single track at Kinsmen Park at the downtown’s edge. It’s perfect for those who are a bit rusty at the whole exercise-in-winter thing. 

Trek out to Blackstrap Provincial Park to ski in the shadow of our very own human-made mountain. Or make a weekend trip north of the city. Luxury seekers will fit right in at Elk Ridge Resort. Enjoy a meal around the fireplace after skiing through the Waskesiu Wilderness Region’s forests.

If you show up in town without skis, local shops will rent you a pair — try Escape Sports in Riversdale. Be sure to double-check your glove and toque situation while you’re there. What’s a toque, you ask? That’s the ultimate in high fashion here in Saskatoon. While stylish, it also protects you from the freezing temps. Unless you want to take home frostbite as a souvenir, no cross-country ski trip should be attempted while toque-less. 

Cross-country skiing is a great solo activity, but just as fun with a friend. Don’t worry if one of you is slower — in Saskatchewan, it’ll take four days before you lose sight of each other.

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