Distillation - A Grain to Glass Experience

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  • Whether you are a lover of gin or whisky, this experience is for you!

    Stumbletown is Saskatoon’s newest distillery! They create products that are uniquely local! Distillation – A grain-to-glass experience is a chance to get to know the business and its product from start to finish, and have fun while you're doing it! Learn about Stumbletown’s beginnings, their values, and its process! You can choose to focus on their gin or their whisky.

    Shortly after you enter Stumbletown you will be greeted with a welcome cocktail! Cheers to your fellow spirit lovers!

    You will then be guided through a tour of the distillery. On this tour, you will learn about the process involved with spirit production from start to finish! Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a distillery and hear about some of the funny hiccups that have happened along the way!

    Then it’s time for a hands-on activity! The activity depends on whether you decide to focus on gin or whisky.

    Gin: a unique “deconstruction of gin” activity. Taste the different botanicals used in Stumbletown’s gin and get some insight into how they approach creating their recipes.

    Whiksy: Be led through an in-depth tasting of their three whiskys. The whiskys are made from local grains like lentils and quinoa!

    End the experience with a mixology lesson. Create an amazing cocktail using the spirit you have learned about as well as other local ingredients! Visit and enjoy your hard work!

    This experience is ideal for groups of 4 to 12 individuals and can be booked on demand.

    Pricing: Up to 8 people - $80/Person. 8 or more $70/Person.

    • -        Arrival

    • -        Welcome drink

    • -        Guided tour of the distillery

    • -        Hands-on activity

    • -        Mixology lesson